– September 2022 –

Phew! The summer Holidays are over, they were a lot of fun but also very tiring. My new Autumn timetable is up and running and normal classes are back in full swing now. My daughter started school this month as well which is such a big mile stone. Bless her she did get dragged along to a couple of classes with my as she had a staggered start to school. Not that I’m complaining, I love spending time with her and watching her take an interest in looking after herself also. Never too young to start Pilates I say!

I have noticed a drop in participation in classes, this is possibly due to the break had or maybe people are finding it tricky to justify classes in the current economic climate.

Hopefully with my Pay it forward Scheme being brought into play and my website page being set up for these transactions to be made easily this might put peoples minds at ease; knowing that with Pilates with Ayla finances should never be a barrier to you looking after your body and feeling in control of yourself!

Keep an eye out on my website for this new addition.

October is going to be exciting as it will see the finishing stages to the Social Enterprise business course, I have been on over the last year and will end on a graduation ceremony which I am looking forward to.