– May 2022 –

A very enjoyable month it has been. My new MS society group has been going very well, I’m getting to know all the people who attend, and they seem to be enjoying the challenges I am offering. Last week one member told me “This is one of the best classes we’ve had” which totally made me blush!

Working with this group of people who have MS has been such an eye opener for me, because they are all at different stages of their MS their bodies all work differently and respond differently therefore, I’m learning new things from them all each week. Who can perform standing, who needs a variety of different equipment for support and which moves need to be adapted most.

Next week is half and the Jubilee weekend and so there are no Pilates classes next week. But do keep an eye out for my new summer timetable and a new blog being added to my website.

If there is anything you would be interested in learning about Pilates then please do drop me an email and I will try to include it in next months article.