– January 2022 –

Hi there, I’m Ayla and I started my Pilates journey in 2017 after having my first child. At first, I was simply looking for a way to get back into shape, I never imagined how quickly I would fall in love with this form of physical fitness or the wider benefits it has, not only on my body but on my mind as well.

I quickly realised that there is a lot more involved with Pilates than I first thought and what I love most about Pilates is that you can hardly feel like you are moving during a lesson, but if performed with correct technique you definitely feel it the next day and the results keep you energised throughout the week while waiting for your next class. I know I always look forward to my own Pilates lessons.

Ayla - Pilates, Southampton & Eastleigh
  • Blue Butterfly Studios – Eastleigh

  • Board in the City – Southampton

    Board in the City
  • Zoom

My Pilates lessons aim to teach a safe and effective full body workout; working your main muscles groups, targeting your core strength to support your spine, and realigning your posture before relaxing and stretching you out again.

I provide 1:1, private or group lessons through either Zoom, face to face across 3 locations or in your own home. There will never be more than 8 people attending to ensure I can provide a tailored experience for your own individual needs.

Group classes are mixed ability, whereby you can experience a wider range of what Pilates has to offer, which can then be adapted to how you are feeling or what you specifically need at the time.

Classes last around 45 minutes and I provide many different payment options depending on what suits you best.

In the future I’m looking to provide Pilates to specific groups of people. I wish to introduce chair Pilates to older generations, pre and postnatal Pilates for woman, more specifically woman who may be seeking support of a refuge and do not have the means to pay but still need to feel they have control over their own bodies. And finally, youth groups so that children can learn from a young age, parts of their anatomy and how to look after them effectively. I also wish to introduce a Pay it Forward scheme so that people in each community can support me helping others in need.