– April 2022 –

What a busy month compared to the last. I feel like I have been here there and everywhere!

My new Monday classes have been going well, I’m getting consistent numbers which is brilliant, and they want me to carry on in May which I am very grateful for. I just need the numbers to increase a little so make it sustainable.

Over the Easter holidays I worked with a variety of different hubs supporting Southampton city council’s Easter HAF programme to help provide children with healthy eating and living choices. It was so lovely being able to work with children again I had such a blast. I even had one class full of superheroes which made my day!

I have also recently been in contact with an organiser from MS Society Southampton and I am now in the process of sorting out some chair Pilates classes for one of their groups which meet on a Thursday. Hopefully this will be starting up mid May, so I can tell you more next month.